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 I am one of the most well rounded people you could ever meet.  As my husband claims, "Every man's dream" I am a sports fanatic that loves to participate just as much as I enjoy attending and even watching on t.v.! Raised in a huge Nascar family I still enjoy the sport, but my first love is Football! I enjoy baseball and because of being the mother of two sons I am learning to love Soccer, MMA and Karate. One of the most peaceful sports that I enjoy is fishing. "A bad day fishing is better than any day at work!"

On the flip side of my sports addictions is my addiction to fashion, make-up and all things girly! I collect sunglasses, purses and shoes. I believe in supporting the economy with regular trips to the nail salon, massage & facial spa. My favorite quotes about fashion.... Anything Coco Channel spoke.

I love to cook and think I am capable of any DIY project possible. Thankfully I have a very supportive husband that has helped me finish many projects.

As a retired Army wife I am very patriotic and proud of my country. Love meeting new people and all of the different cultures that our Lord has created for us to enjoy and learn from. Life would be boring if we were all the same and I believe in this theory. Everyone has a right to their opinion and religion. No one is right in life and no one is wrong. We all are just making it through...

My blog is something that I would of never have dreamed of doing but it has been a highlight that I enjoy. I never really know in advance what I am going to blog about. I hope you enjoy the variety that I share.

About Me

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