Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Letters


Dear blog and twitter world,

Thank you for always giving me something to smile about.
You are always around when I need a good laugh. 
 You put up with all of my moods. You give encouraging words 
when they are needed.  You know how to listen and not comment
when I just need to vent. You have allowed me to meet some fabulous people.
You also allow me to unfriend people who annoy me and complain to much
without any awkward explanation of why....

Dear Mother Nature,

I know that we need rain but I worked really hard on 
my hair today and I'd appreciate a little help.
After all women to women
help a sister out...

Dear Mall,

I am finishing up my vacation shopping.
I know the items that I am shopping for are not needed but
I really think I will look prettier in them. If you could 
please put them on sale today so I will still have money
left over to buy those cheap t-shirts and magnets and the
shot glasses that I am obligated to buy for family while on vacation.
I'd really appreciate it! 

Dear who ever started the trend of gifting vacation presents,

You are a dumbass!
It's my vacation, I want to spend my hard earned money on me.
I work hard all year so I can afford to do this!
Why do I have to spend money on stuff to give to people
that are going to say...
Oh, thanks for thinking of me, then grumbling every time
they have to dust the trinket.

Well obviously,
 I have drank a little to much coffee this morning so I suppose I need 
to go get dressed so I can finish up my shopping. 

Have a great weekend all....


Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Emotion's explain it all...

Ok lovelies,
It's Thursday so I am once again doing the twitter hop...

Why you may ask?

Because I have met some really neat people on twitter and found
them to also be some awesome bloggers.

Unfortunately if someone drops by from the twitter hop
today please don't judge my post as the norm...

Take a look around because today's blog is how I am feeling in pictures.

I was suppose to get a cap on one of my teeth that wasn't doing so well.

But as you can see, I am scared of the dentist. 
Yes, I am a mother of two boys and no I didn't have either one
by C-setion. So I can handle the pain. It's just the pain in 
my mouth I can't handle.

Every since my tooth started breaking off in chunks on Tuesday
I have been having small amounts of tears followed by the never ending
feeling that I am going to throw up!

So this leaves you with my final thoughts.

If I sound crazy tonight on twitter or if you see me and I have my tongue hanging
out like a dog, it is not do to the Texas heat. It is because
I obviously won't be feeling the whole left side of my face!

By for now my loves!!!

Go check out the ladies and follow them on twitter...
Oh, and you best be following me too!! :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dentist is a four letter word...

Hey all....
Hope everyone is having a good week.
Unfortunately my week didn't start out as well as
I would of liked it to. I have so much going on with
my cousin coming in for the fourth and then our vacation
on the eighth. The last thing I need right now is to have
teeth issues. Yeah, I know what your saying...
what's the big deal?

The big deal is I am totally and completely petrified of Dentists.
Literally, I sit in the chair and before he even enters the room I start
to tremble and I have been know to shed a few tears from time to time.
I don't cry ... ever!
So as you can see this is not a comforting thought at all.
I am able to go to the dentist on Thursday afternoon so that
is a plus however, I have to think about it for 48 hours and the pain in my 
tooth that is now half gone is bearable but it still is the principle that
I am going to have to go to the dentist. What's worse  is I seriously think the
guy was insinuating the last time I was there that I was on drugs.
Like illegal drugs. Not sure if he was meaning meth or what because
I just wanted to get out of there so bad. Then the thought and embarrassment that
the man thought I was on illegal drugs was over the top! To much for me to handle.
I did blog about the last visit. You can read it here! So you will better understand
why I do not want to go back.

The kicker of the whole thing is that the crater that needed a crown,
that obviously decided to crumble apart while I was eating one of my favorite
things of all time. My Dr Pepper jelly beans from Bass Pro.
Can you believe that! Ugh. If you missed last weeks post about Dr Pepper
you can check that out here!
There is nothing I want more on a trip to Bass Pro than my
Dr Pepper Jelly Belly jelly beans!!

So much for having something cute and witty today.
All I can say is HOLY BAT BALLS!
I do not have time for this!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Did the Margarita get its name in Texas?

Texas Tuesday

Today's Texas Tuesday's link up is a question into the
famous question, how did the drink Margarita get it's name.

Did you know that one of the four myths actually took place in Texas?

 Wikipedia lists the myth as one of the four of many stories of how the drink we  
love with our Mexican food received it's name.

Going back to 1948 the famous Balinese Room nightclub
that was frequented by many celebrities of that area and
 also known as an illegal gaming room that
was located inside the Balinese Nightclub.

The story goes that a bartender by the name of Santos Cruz Sr.
came up with the famous blend using tequila instead of the
more popular liquor of the time Brandy.
His reasoning is for the beautiful singer Peggy Lee.
She was not a fan of brandy. It is said in several readings that
Peggy's husband is the one that actually named
it the "Margarita" as Peggy's real name is Margaret which
translates into Margarita in the spanish language.

In many readings the Balinese room is listed as the name of the famous club.
However, I found that in Santos Cruz Sr's Obituary that the
club was called the "Studio Lounge"

Regardless of who named it and what the club was called I for one
am just happy that someone created it.

I found some neat pictures that I thought I would share with you
today of then and now and some of those famous celebrities
that frequented the island of Galveston as on of the places to see and be seen
among the elite of that time.

Do you recognize these famous people?

Peggy Lee

Frank Sinatra

Bob Hope

Duke Ellington

Jane Mansfield

Then (1948)

The rebuilt Balinese room since Hurricane Ike destroyed it completely
in 2008.

Are you a Margarita drinker?
If not, what is your favorite drink?

Friday, June 22, 2012

15 Minutes to Casual Glamour

Finally Friday!

Today was a wonderful lazy day.
For me this week has been nothing but
taxi mom week. With all the rain I have been picking
up all the kids and taking to drivers ed class. The odd thing
is that they have been coming over and hanging out until it was time
for their parents to get home.
I have no complaints as all the kids are good kids. 
                                                            I just need a break today. 

Then Oops all of a sudden Jack texts me about where to
go eat at tonight? 
Holy Bat Balls!
I forgot we had a date tonight and I only have 15 min.
to get ready!

So this  is my 15 min look.....

I went with my black maxi, added a scarf for some color.
Was going to go with espadrilles but decided my flat cork bottoms
looked better as this maxi hits right at my ankles. Perfect for flats.

I wore my favorite silver bracelets and drop earrings that match with
burgundy stones.  Decided to go with a slick ponytail so I could spend
a little time with make-up.

I went neutral with makeup though. Just base, eyeliner and mascara. Touch of
blush, eyebrow pencil and some shiny sheer gloss. Didn't 
want to go to overboard. Didn't have time but we were going to a local Mexican 
restaurant that we love. So too dressy would of been out of place.
This maxi combination was the perfect casual outfit.

A closer yet blurry (sorry) picture of my scarf.

A closer look at my accessories. It is hard to tell but the stone of the ring
is a green, turquoise look depending on the way the light hits it.

So that was my glamour under 15 minutes. 
Do you have glamour secrets you use in a hurry?

Don't forget to check out the other Fashion posts that
I am linking up with today.

Or Friday Fancies

Until next time,
Always remember that beauty starts from within,

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Its Ok Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

Linking up with Neely and Amber  for "Its OK Thursday today...

Its Ok.
That its almost July
and i have more than 3 new outfits for everyday of vacation.
Jack (hubby) informed me that he wants some new clothes also.
That I have yet to take our clothes to the cleaners
2 weeks now.
That I really want a nap
 but my oldest has friends over.
 I may even want a drink more than a nap.
That there could be a tropical storm within the next 48hrs.
Not sure if I used the right "there" in the comment before this one?
 That I had a cute idea for a different post today but took the easy road.
Loving the new song Cowboys and Angels by Dustin Lynch.

I am also Thankful that I have a wonderful husband who
works very hard to support our family. So I can be the one that
takes care of all the kids coming through this house and
know that they have a place to go and will be allowed to be themselves
as long as they know how to be respectful.

Everyone have a great Thursday...

Oh and if you are on twitter and you want to find some amazing tweet ladies...
Go check out these wonderful Tweeters...

Our Reflection

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vacation Bingo

I am loving the idea that in exactly 18 days I will be on vacation!


I am also loving an idea that I came up with earlier today. I think it
would be fun to play a vacation bingo game. 
One of the days of our vacation 
is to tour Key West, Fl. on the trolley.
Our family has taken a few vacations where you see the sights from
a tourists ride. So this year instead of just sitting and going Oh...ahhh...coool...
I think I am going to use some of these wonderful pictures I have found
on Pinterest to make up four different bingo cards and see who gets the most squares crossed off.

Source: via GiGi on Pinterest

Source: via GiGi on Pinterest

Source: via GiGi on Pinterest

Source: via GiGi on Pinterest

Source: via GiGi on Pinterest

Source: via GiGi on Pinterest

Source: via GiGi on Pinterest

Source: via GiGi on Pinterest

Source: via GiGi on Pinterest

Source: via GiGi on Pinterest

If you have any sight suggestions please let me know :)

Do you play fun family vacation games?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Texas Tuesday

Texas Tuesday

Linking up with these wonderful ladies for a new link up that is 
all about Texas! How cool is that? 
For us Texans, it is all about the symbol. 
I say that for one reason.

What other state has a shape so cool, that people make 
everything out of it! From cake pans to wall clocks, you can find the
shape of Texas everywhere. Then again it is also the attitude. We are proud people.
One thing that I have found in many travels, no matter if you are acting a fool...
you can say that you are from Texas and people reply, "OH" it's accepted.
We are suppose to be loud and crazy!
Yet on the flip side of that, you can be all dolled up to the hilt.
Wear all your night time bling during the day, and that's all right also,
why you ask? 

Because, we are from TEXAS that is why!
Only explanation we ever need. It explains it all.

Okays so enough about that. When the theme was first announced for the 
link up, I was so excited! Then the flood of what to do first. Which didn't last long, 
only as long as it took for me to reach over and grab for my Dr Pepper!


My favorite two pictures as of late...

Did you know that Dr. Pepper is one year older than Coca Cola?
Sure is... Since 1885

Dr. Pepper got it's first major exposure at the World's Fair 
in St. Louis in 1904

In 1923 the current owners decided to move Dr. Pepper to Dallas.

In the 1950's the period was dropped after "Dr" for several reasons.
One reason was it interfered with log designs. The period looked smudged.
The second was to keep people from thinking that it had medical value.

Not sure which jingle has been the most popular for the company but
I  think in my opinion that "I'm a Pepper" has to be.
At least it is my favorite. I remember as a little girl getting
up and dancing around signing it whenever the commercial came on.
In case you don't know what I am talking about;

I'm a Pepper, he's a Pepper,
She's a Pepper, we're a Pepper.
Wouldn't you like to be a pepper, too? 

I love Jelly Belly
I get these every time we go to Bass Pro Shop!

Source: via GiGi on Pinterest

(blurry pictures, sorry) 

Ice Cream Topping...

Source: via GiGi on Pinterest

What better Texan product but Dr Pepper in BBQ sauce...
Only place I have found is HEB...
DUH.. if it's Texas, it's at HEB

Source: via GiGi on Pinterest

Do you drink Dr Pepper?
Let me know what you are drinking?

Well my lovelies,
that's about all for today,
y'all stay sassy!

PS...I found my info on Wikipedia   and the Dr Pepper Museum

Monday, June 18, 2012

Personality of a Gecko...

Happy Monday,

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
Ours for a change,
was somewhat relaxing.
Jack had to work all weekend, nights!
But, it was nice for me to be able to get caught up on my blog reading's,
 and to get a good start on some future blogs.
 Plus, I was able to find some wonderful new blogs to read.
 Also big shout out to my new followers.
 Thank you!

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen some of my 
frustration that I was going through trying to get this blog to look 
somewhat professional looking.
Without paying anyone to do it.
Not that I have a problem paying,
that is just another day.

So I went with the beach theme and I have to admit. I rather like it.
I know it still needs some finishing touches, but considering I did it myself.
I am highly satisfied.  

So this leads me to asking for your help.
I am trying to decided if I want to use a picture beside my name.
Or to just sign off and let that be good enough. So Friday night around 2am
I find the cutest little picture and txt Jack what he thinks. 

Here is the picture

I thought this was just adorable and would
fit in with my whole beach and flip flop theme.

Then I find this cute little guy

So I decide to be ornery and txt this picture to him.
Knowing that he is going to think that the cupcake 
is much better and that the gecko doesn't make since.

 As soon as I asked him which one it hit me!

He will like the Gecko better and then
I am gonna be stuck with this cute little
guy and it will look out of place on my blog
because I don't want to hurt his feelings!
Ugh what's a girl to do!! 

Then he replies with a comeback 
that was totally unexpected on my part, 
and left me speechless.

Ummm so ok, I can handle this,


So needless to say. I bought both of the images.
Teach him to call me slimy! 

So now I have both images and not sure if I like them!

What do y'all think?


Please help me pick!!!
Have a great Week!!