Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Letters


Dear blog and twitter world,

Thank you for always giving me something to smile about.
You are always around when I need a good laugh. 
 You put up with all of my moods. You give encouraging words 
when they are needed.  You know how to listen and not comment
when I just need to vent. You have allowed me to meet some fabulous people.
You also allow me to unfriend people who annoy me and complain to much
without any awkward explanation of why....

Dear Mother Nature,

I know that we need rain but I worked really hard on 
my hair today and I'd appreciate a little help.
After all women to women
help a sister out...

Dear Mall,

I am finishing up my vacation shopping.
I know the items that I am shopping for are not needed but
I really think I will look prettier in them. If you could 
please put them on sale today so I will still have money
left over to buy those cheap t-shirts and magnets and the
shot glasses that I am obligated to buy for family while on vacation.
I'd really appreciate it! 

Dear who ever started the trend of gifting vacation presents,

You are a dumbass!
It's my vacation, I want to spend my hard earned money on me.
I work hard all year so I can afford to do this!
Why do I have to spend money on stuff to give to people
that are going to say...
Oh, thanks for thinking of me, then grumbling every time
they have to dust the trinket.

Well obviously,
 I have drank a little to much coffee this morning so I suppose I need 
to go get dressed so I can finish up my shopping. 

Have a great weekend all....



  1. Loved reading this!


    have a great weekend!

  2. Loved the letter to the mall! Fellow Texas here!

  3. oh my the rain was OUT OF CONTROL here today!!! found you via the link up and am so excited to follow along xo


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