Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Twitter Hop and a Momma bragging!

A Twitter Hop!

How cool is this....

I just happened to run across this and was like.... WoW!
How Cool!
As a fairly new blogger it can be discouraging to find different
blogs to connect with! I blog about a little of this and a whole lot of that so
that makes it even harder to connect as I am not in any certain "category"!

I jumped in and followed all the ladies on twitter so I am excited to see what becomes
of a twitter hop. I am looking forward to reading all of their blogs tomorrow. 

Kinda short and sweet blog today but,
 I wanted to give this a big shout out as I 
think it is awesome cool..
Not to mention how supportive other bloggers are!

Before I let you go...
This proud mom has to brag a little bit!

My 5th grader
(well not no more... sob, sob)
Was recognized with the
President's Education Awards Program
Outstanding Academic Excellence
So Proud!!

Has your summer started?
I am so glad ours has....

Have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Tale of Fish Tails

Happy Tuesday ALL!!

I hope all had a wonderful holiday weekend...

Our weekend consisted of a graduation and then a wonderful
relaxing weekend at the lake house with family and some family friends.

Unfortunately the wind blew all weekend at the lake so we were
unable to take the boat out and enjoy any water sports but all the kids
were understandable and found other activities to keep themselves busy.

Introducing to you my oldest son Austin...
The smile shows it all!
He was the first to catch a perch for the season!
Making him very excited yet a little frustrated that
his fish was so little. 

Yet, patience paid off!
After many small throw backs,
he was able to catch a keeper and contribute to
our fish fry that we had for supper Sat. Night.

Last Wednesday 

For my next fish tale I need to fill you in a little...
Do to the drought last year we have been needing to cut down
a dead tree out of our front yard. 

Yes, that is my computer in the bottom of this picture...

After I helped with pulling the tree limbs down while Jack was cutting them,
my help was no longer needed. However, the worrier that I am I had to stay outside while he was running the chainsaw in case something happened...
 So I blogged.... (of course) 

I was so happy to get rid of this ugly tree for many reasons.
First.. it was dead and ugly 
Second... birds liked it and my car sits under the limbs
Third... I hated my mailbox and when one of the limbs fell it took 
out the mailbox! Yeah!!

I was dancing around all excited that I was gonna get
a new mailbox. I wanted it to be all big and shiny and brand new
that it would stick out and be noticeable!! 

So when my husband was unable to go with us this weekend I had asked
him if he would get a new big and shiny mailbox! I wanted to be surprised
when I got home on Monday!!


   My New, Shiny and Very Noticeable

Yes.... I am still in shock!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A letter from a mom to a school district!

Do you ever want to just give someone a piece of your mind but you know that as soon as you do the repercussions would probably be taken out on your children.

So today I thought I would share with you the letter that I would l-o-v-e to give the school district.

Dear School,
 As you educate so many children and do a great job I would like to point out a few things that I feel should be addressed. I have always felt that if I am having problems with these issues and my children have expressed their concerns that there is a large chance that others share my concerns also.

In no way should high school football coaches teach anything other than 
gym/pe. When their degree is not in a specific core subject and you are placing them in a "void" because their football record is why you have hired them is an injustice to the children that are taking that core subject. When I contact the "said" teacher with a concern about a problem my child was struggling with and your reply to me was that you have not had time to look over and grade the assignment because you have been scouting the future teams that you will be playing is unacceptable! The project in question was also turned in 3 weeks prior to my phone call to this teacher!    

Receiving a title 1 label causing you to do cutbacks is understandable yet when you take away the gifted program is unfair and somewhat a form of discrimination. You did not allow for the budget cut to affect the special needs programs (thankfully) nor did you allow the budget cut to affect the bilingual programs. 

So when you cut out the gifted program your reasoning is because these are smart children and they will be ok. Well, for your information as a parent of a gifted child this was not ok. Because without that extra challenge that the program gave to him, his school attitude has became bored and indifferent. 
When we have discussed it with him he explained how he is done with his work so early that the teacher tells him to lay his head on the desk and rest.

 So now it is ok to take naps in school? At least that is the way my 5th grader is associating this.  He comes home and tells me that he was able to take two naps today! 
When I complained, it was explained to me that they just didn't have enough work to challenge him! They think we should have him skip a grade, however I feel going from 5th  to 7th would be a big mistake. Sixth grade is such a developmental age for a growing boy. 

Well... that is about long enough. I could go on with some other complaints but can't we all? Those happen to just be at the top of my list that I have felt like I battled all year this year. 

Have you had any problems with your kids and school that you feel like you are better off talking to a brick wall? Please share...

                                         Weekend is almost over
                                           so have a great day!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sometimes and Always....

Doing a short and sweet Sometimes and Always link up
with the sweet Mackey at Mackey Madness
(Click On Name to go to link up)

I wish I could stay in bed all day

Get bored, stiff and soar and have to get up and move around

I wish I could do all of the blog design cuteness

I think this design is coming along nicely considering 6 months
ago I had no clue what a JPG was. Now I can import and download.
I have made all of my own button's and blog button for this page.
They are not perfect but I am trying! :) 

I wish more blogging ladies lived closer to me to do meet ups.

Keeping a look out for new and interesting blogs. I love the different
and the ordinary! 

I daydream about what it would be like to be rich enough
to have a maid and cook.

Wake Up!

Ohhh and a pool boy of course ;)

Have a wonderful week!

What are your Sometimes and Always?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Trash to Treasure

A little link up with the wonderful ladies of 
Phone Photo Fun!

You can find the link up at
web page where there is normally a button but I couldn't get it to work :(
So go check out the other blogs... M'k!

My trash became my own treasure!

As the saying goes...
One mans trash is another mans treasure.

Well in my case, I was cleaning out the back yard to 
get it ready for summer entertaining. I took one good look
around and was very frustrated at how easily it was to move items
to the back yard and forget them this winter.

I also could not believe how much our storage shed had faded
and looked just horrible! 

Then all of a sudden the "Pinterest Bug" bit me.
Instead of hauling a left over railing, old pallet and
bench to the trash. I decided to paint them and recycle 
into something useful. Anyone with a pool
knows how frustrating wet towels are all wadded up!

I had some leftover paint from other projects so not
only did I create some cool looking useful items. I also
didn't spend one red cent... Cha~Ching! Gotta love 
being thrifty and creative all at the same time!

1) Lawn Shed 
2) Had to paint it barn red
3) Inspired by pinterest
4) Extra railing left over from a gazebo project
5) Painted lime & blue... "color's of my lawn furniture"
6) Going to try to build a pallet table for the back yard
and repainted a bench that I was going to trash.
7) Starting the Wet Towel sign for the railing
8) Finished Wet Towel sign
9) Some metal crab's that I repainted

My own trash became my own treasure...
How cool is that?

Have you made any treasures lately?

Have a Great Week.....