Monday, May 21, 2012

Trash to Treasure

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My trash became my own treasure!

As the saying goes...
One mans trash is another mans treasure.

Well in my case, I was cleaning out the back yard to 
get it ready for summer entertaining. I took one good look
around and was very frustrated at how easily it was to move items
to the back yard and forget them this winter.

I also could not believe how much our storage shed had faded
and looked just horrible! 

Then all of a sudden the "Pinterest Bug" bit me.
Instead of hauling a left over railing, old pallet and
bench to the trash. I decided to paint them and recycle 
into something useful. Anyone with a pool
knows how frustrating wet towels are all wadded up!

I had some leftover paint from other projects so not
only did I create some cool looking useful items. I also
didn't spend one red cent... Cha~Ching! Gotta love 
being thrifty and creative all at the same time!

1) Lawn Shed 
2) Had to paint it barn red
3) Inspired by pinterest
4) Extra railing left over from a gazebo project
5) Painted lime & blue... "color's of my lawn furniture"
6) Going to try to build a pallet table for the back yard
and repainted a bench that I was going to trash.
7) Starting the Wet Towel sign for the railing
8) Finished Wet Towel sign
9) Some metal crab's that I repainted

My own trash became my own treasure...
How cool is that?

Have you made any treasures lately?

Have a Great Week.....

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