Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Tale of Fish Tails

Happy Tuesday ALL!!

I hope all had a wonderful holiday weekend...

Our weekend consisted of a graduation and then a wonderful
relaxing weekend at the lake house with family and some family friends.

Unfortunately the wind blew all weekend at the lake so we were
unable to take the boat out and enjoy any water sports but all the kids
were understandable and found other activities to keep themselves busy.

Introducing to you my oldest son Austin...
The smile shows it all!
He was the first to catch a perch for the season!
Making him very excited yet a little frustrated that
his fish was so little. 

Yet, patience paid off!
After many small throw backs,
he was able to catch a keeper and contribute to
our fish fry that we had for supper Sat. Night.

Last Wednesday 

For my next fish tale I need to fill you in a little...
Do to the drought last year we have been needing to cut down
a dead tree out of our front yard. 

Yes, that is my computer in the bottom of this picture...

After I helped with pulling the tree limbs down while Jack was cutting them,
my help was no longer needed. However, the worrier that I am I had to stay outside while he was running the chainsaw in case something happened...
 So I blogged.... (of course) 

I was so happy to get rid of this ugly tree for many reasons.
First.. it was dead and ugly 
Second... birds liked it and my car sits under the limbs
Third... I hated my mailbox and when one of the limbs fell it took 
out the mailbox! Yeah!!

I was dancing around all excited that I was gonna get
a new mailbox. I wanted it to be all big and shiny and brand new
that it would stick out and be noticeable!! 

So when my husband was unable to go with us this weekend I had asked
him if he would get a new big and shiny mailbox! I wanted to be surprised
when I got home on Monday!!


   My New, Shiny and Very Noticeable

Yes.... I am still in shock!


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