Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Did the Margarita get its name in Texas?

Texas Tuesday

Today's Texas Tuesday's link up is a question into the
famous question, how did the drink Margarita get it's name.

Did you know that one of the four myths actually took place in Texas?

 Wikipedia lists the myth as one of the four of many stories of how the drink we  
love with our Mexican food received it's name.

Going back to 1948 the famous Balinese Room nightclub
that was frequented by many celebrities of that area and
 also known as an illegal gaming room that
was located inside the Balinese Nightclub.

The story goes that a bartender by the name of Santos Cruz Sr.
came up with the famous blend using tequila instead of the
more popular liquor of the time Brandy.
His reasoning is for the beautiful singer Peggy Lee.
She was not a fan of brandy. It is said in several readings that
Peggy's husband is the one that actually named
it the "Margarita" as Peggy's real name is Margaret which
translates into Margarita in the spanish language.

In many readings the Balinese room is listed as the name of the famous club.
However, I found that in Santos Cruz Sr's Obituary that the
club was called the "Studio Lounge"

Regardless of who named it and what the club was called I for one
am just happy that someone created it.

I found some neat pictures that I thought I would share with you
today of then and now and some of those famous celebrities
that frequented the island of Galveston as on of the places to see and be seen
among the elite of that time.

Do you recognize these famous people?

Peggy Lee

Frank Sinatra

Bob Hope

Duke Ellington

Jane Mansfield

Then (1948)

The rebuilt Balinese room since Hurricane Ike destroyed it completely
in 2008.

Are you a Margarita drinker?
If not, what is your favorite drink?


  1. And now I want a margarita, thanks GiGi!!

    Thanks for linking up, I am so in love with those old photos!!

    1. I love Margarita's also... just wish they loved me as much. haha

  2. Love the old photos. Love margaritas a little but more. Idk where they actually came from but my goodness am I thankful for them. Mmm. Especially coronaritas. :)

    1. These photos were priceless. I could of went on forever. Such a neat story that I had never really knew that Galveston was such a destination spot back in the day. Hopefully with the new pier it will get back up to its grandeur that we know it can have. Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Thank you for the histiry, niw Ill appreciate my margaritas more! Did they really get that rebuilt? I wish theyd redo the flagship hotel! Havent been to galveston in a year and a half.

    1. They have made the whole flagship into a pier type atmosphere with rides and restaurants. Some is open now but not all of it. I have heard mixed reviews as I have been told you have to pay just to go onto the pier and then of course the restaurants are $$ but not all the rides are open. I need to go check it out but I figured we would when all the hoop-la is over of the newness.

  4. I love this blog post! My house was messed up in Hurricane Ike, but when I saw the Balinese Room get broken up and taken to sea I got tears in my eyes...there was such a great history at that place.


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