Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Texas Tuesday

Texas Tuesday

Linking up with these wonderful ladies for a new link up that is 
all about Texas! How cool is that? 
For us Texans, it is all about the symbol. 
I say that for one reason.

What other state has a shape so cool, that people make 
everything out of it! From cake pans to wall clocks, you can find the
shape of Texas everywhere. Then again it is also the attitude. We are proud people.
One thing that I have found in many travels, no matter if you are acting a fool...
you can say that you are from Texas and people reply, "OH" it's accepted.
We are suppose to be loud and crazy!
Yet on the flip side of that, you can be all dolled up to the hilt.
Wear all your night time bling during the day, and that's all right also,
why you ask? 

Because, we are from TEXAS that is why!
Only explanation we ever need. It explains it all.

Okays so enough about that. When the theme was first announced for the 
link up, I was so excited! Then the flood of what to do first. Which didn't last long, 
only as long as it took for me to reach over and grab for my Dr Pepper!


My favorite two pictures as of late...

Did you know that Dr. Pepper is one year older than Coca Cola?
Sure is... Since 1885

Dr. Pepper got it's first major exposure at the World's Fair 
in St. Louis in 1904

In 1923 the current owners decided to move Dr. Pepper to Dallas.

In the 1950's the period was dropped after "Dr" for several reasons.
One reason was it interfered with log designs. The period looked smudged.
The second was to keep people from thinking that it had medical value.

Not sure which jingle has been the most popular for the company but
I  think in my opinion that "I'm a Pepper" has to be.
At least it is my favorite. I remember as a little girl getting
up and dancing around signing it whenever the commercial came on.
In case you don't know what I am talking about;

I'm a Pepper, he's a Pepper,
She's a Pepper, we're a Pepper.
Wouldn't you like to be a pepper, too? 

I love Jelly Belly
I get these every time we go to Bass Pro Shop!

Source: amazon.com via GiGi on Pinterest

(blurry pictures, sorry) 

Ice Cream Topping...

Source: amazon.com via GiGi on Pinterest

What better Texan product but Dr Pepper in BBQ sauce...
Only place I have found is HEB...
DUH.. if it's Texas, it's at HEB

Source: amazon.com via GiGi on Pinterest

Do you drink Dr Pepper?
Let me know what you are drinking?

Well my lovelies,
that's about all for today,
y'all stay sassy!

PS...I found my info on Wikipedia   and the Dr Pepper Museum


  1. LOVE Dr Pepper!! Mmmm... I went to Baylor and every week we had Dr Pepper floats during Dr Pepper Hour!

    1. Oh yumm... I have pinned the recipe for Dr Pepper home made ice cream but haven't made it yet. Hopefully soon. :)

  2. Love, love, love me some Dr Pepper!! In fact, it's only 10am, and I just may be currently sipping on one. Shhh, don't tell anyone! Lol

    Thanks so much for linking up!!

  3. First off - thank you for linking up with us today!

    Now, I'm totally loving your post! I love Dr Pepper, like most people have to have their morning coffee, I have to have DP or I'm not fun to be around. I love all these cool facts!

    Did you ever have Dublin DP?

    1. I loved Dublin DP... SO mad we can't get it anymore! :( However in my reading it said that their was still one bottler that uses real sugar but didn't say where you could get it.

  4. I should totally live in TX. I love it! :)
    Those are all very cool DP facts....

    1. Thank you! I have never been to the museum but think it would be fun to make a Texas bucket list of all the neat museums to visit.

  5. Oh man I LOOOOOOVE me some Dr. Pepper! We (teachers) took the sixth graders to the Waco Dr. Pepper museum for their field trip! The one in Dublin is cool too -- they use cane sugar :)

    1. I want to go and see it. Love the flavor of Dublin Dr Pepper. SO sad we can't get it anymore. Sounds like you are one cool teacher. That would be an awesome field trip. :)

  6. DP is the best!!! Sometimes, it's my coffee:)

    1. I have been know to skip some coffee for some Dp first thing in the morning. Can not live without it... ;)

  7. What a cute post! Also, thank you for checking out my blog and following along....I am your newest follower and look forward to keeping up!

  8. I had no idea about Dr. Pepper! I remember when I was younger I used to have the DP chapstick, and i LOVED it. I have to admit, though, that I prefer coke to DP, but if offered a Diet DP, I will probably (okay, definitely) accept! :)

  9. while i LOVE Dr. Pepper i dont know if i could do the topping and the bbq sauce! but never say never, may just have to find me some..


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