Thursday, June 21, 2012

Its Ok Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

Linking up with Neely and Amber  for "Its OK Thursday today...

Its Ok.
That its almost July
and i have more than 3 new outfits for everyday of vacation.
Jack (hubby) informed me that he wants some new clothes also.
That I have yet to take our clothes to the cleaners
2 weeks now.
That I really want a nap
 but my oldest has friends over.
 I may even want a drink more than a nap.
That there could be a tropical storm within the next 48hrs.
Not sure if I used the right "there" in the comment before this one?
 That I had a cute idea for a different post today but took the easy road.
Loving the new song Cowboys and Angels by Dustin Lynch.

I am also Thankful that I have a wonderful husband who
works very hard to support our family. So I can be the one that
takes care of all the kids coming through this house and
know that they have a place to go and will be allowed to be themselves
as long as they know how to be respectful.

Everyone have a great Thursday...

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  1. Love this!


    Have a fabulous day! xo

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I became a follower on your blog. I loved your prayer and scripture. It is so easy to remember sometimes to be thankful for what we have vs what we want.

  2. OMG I need to remember It's Ok Thursdays and do this next week. Every week I look at it and think....what a great idea!!! I may scare people away with my randomness though.

    1. Oh I don't think you will scare anyone. I have been very random before. I've talked about fashion to stinky teenager's feet. lol can't get more random than that.

  3. I would take the drink over the nap any day!


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