Wednesday, August 8, 2012

From G~strings to Cornholy ~O, We scared the street people!

Blog-working Wednesday!

Hello and Happy Hump Day!

Just got home from a wonderful two days in San Antonio.
We did the normal tourist attractions.
 We showed the city off to my niece and
let her see all the wonderful sites and history
of  the Alamo and traditions of Texas.

The memories that we created as a family!
 I know she will remember more than the
dates and times of what, when and where...
 events happened in San Antonio.

Of this I am positive!

Kids in the Alamo Garden.

Jack and "teen"  enjoying a moment at the restaurant.
{a normal pic}

Linsey on the trolly...

 these are all the "normal" family pictures.
Interestingly enough,
probably not the highlights of the trip...

What's this you ask?

A story?
Oh yeah....

On the first night in San Antonio...
 we did the normal thing all tourists do,
went to the Riverwalk to eat dinner and  
enjoy each others company.

Well of course,
 that is where our family is not normal!
As you know,
 the Teen is somewhat interesting and Jack, well
lets just say the apple did not fall far from the tree!!

Que. picture...

As they were goofing around with napkins on their heads...
{sorry pictures are dark}

The waiter comes up and the "teen" says to him...

I like you G~Shock,
{g-shock is a watch}

Jack only hears "G~"
 and starts to spew
 rum & coke across the table...
{thought teen said "g-string"}
who knows..

I am thinking to myself...
Oh Holy Bat Balls!

Then the Teen took it one step further and says,
I want a pink one!

So the poor waiter turned and ran for the door!

If only the story ended there...

 We are walking back to the hotel,
 and a street person starts to follow us.

 I tell my niece to slow down, 
{she was walking too far ahead}

Her reply came from The Wizard of Oz...

I will release my flying monkeys...

Oh holy bat balls I give up...

Then from the back of our family train I hear...

I am Corn Holy O!

I turn around to see my husband and the tween 
with t-shirts up around their heads.

Can you see the silhouette?  

Jack yelling, "I need T.P. for my bung hole" 

Then I notice the poor homeless sole,
 running the opposite direction!  

Bless his heart...
Life is good!


  1. Wanted to stop by and say thank you for linking up for blogworking wed! I hope you met some great new bloggers!

    1. I did find some wonderful blogs. Thanks Paige for stopping in. I enjoyed your link up :)

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    1. Thank You for stoping in. I look forward to seeing your neat ideas.

  3. Oh my goodness! So funny! I think out families would definitely get along!

    1. I used to think you always had to be so prim and proper when out in public. This is so much more fun. As long as you have memories! :)

  4. I hate that I missed y'all! Next time you'll have to swing by and get M and I so we can go with y'all!


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