Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blog Star link up... 12 things about me

Since I am fairly new around the blog world I thought it would be
fun to introduce myself with this wonderful linkup that Mrs. Monologues
is hosting today. 

In 12 pictures...
this is my life!

As a Dr. Pepper addicted Harley riding momma, I am also an avid DIY

arts & crafts guru that is willing to try anything crafty but have yet to master 
anything good enough that I would be willing to make into a full time business.

I love to be goofy and joke around with everyone and as a mother of two boys
this ability comes in very handy. Trying to be the best mom I can be yet also 
fun while being loving, nurturing but also being the mean rule maker.

In the past six months our family has become very addicted into Martial Arts.
I have taken Yoga classes for awhile now so when Will our youngest son, asked
to start taking Karate classes it didn't take long for  Austin, our oldest son 
to decide he wanted to try his hand
in MMA. Needless to say, I followed the boys and started Kickboxing.
 I am addicted and enjoy my time that I train and find myself craving to
workout on my off days. 

One of our many families activities other than Martial Arts is fishing! Our whole family
loves to go out and spend the day on the lake just for the thrill of the big catch.

Although I can bait my own hook and fish I am defiantly a girly girl at heart!
I love all things with bling!
I love to shop but my weakness is shoes, purses and sunglasses!
After all, those are the main accessories that pulls the whole outfit together.

Cooking is a love that I enjoy and have since I was very young.
I love menu planning and trying new recipes. Last week was my first week to
share my weekly menu with the blog world but am planning to share every Thursday what
I have planned for the next week.

In 2005 I became a gastric bypass patient and have lost over 140lbs and became the healthiest
I had ever been in my life. So that is one reason why I menu plan and make sure I have somewhat healthy
recipes full of fruits and vegetables. 

Another goofy picture of me with my husband Jack. After 16 years of marriage. He is still my favorite
cowboy and the love of my life.  This last picture was taken Saturday night
when we attended a gala charity event. Charity and volunteering is something I highly  
believe in and feel that if you can and are blessed enough even if it is just time.
It really does make a difference in both the recipient that you are helping and in my own life.

SO that about sums up me...
Have you linked up and told us about yourself?


  1. Fellow Texas gal stopping by from the link up!

  2. So excited that you decided to link-up. Great post. Love that you ride harley's ... that is so cool.


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