Sunday, June 17, 2012

Your not suppose to be a good Dad...but you are

To my loving husband,

      When so many excuses are excepted in today's society and so many people have the reason that they grew up in a dysfunctional family. It is as though, they use their bad childhood as a free pass.  A free pass to shirk all responsibility. To not have to answer for any wrong doing. Yet, you rose above your upbringing. You had to become a man at 16! In less than six months, our oldest son will be 16. I could never imagine making him go out and get a full time job so he could support a mothers laziness. Or a worthless drunk of a father. Of course he has been raised in a home filled with love. Both of our boys know what love is. Our boys also know that their daddy would do anything in the world for them.

Looking back, I'll never forget the look of disappointment in your eyes when I explained to you that I was not maternal and had no plans of children. Your love for me blinded you enough that you excepted that one ultimatum. I will also never forget the shine in those same baby blues, less than two month later through my tear filled eyes of disbelief,  I was pregnant. That was not planned. As I am older and wiser
I understand that my plans are always trumped by the Lord. After all, he will always have the ace of spades in his hand.

You were only 21 when our first son was born. Family, that one word means so much to you. In our marriage you have been nothing but a wonderful husband and father. You have always given dad credit for that. I know that he looks down from heaven and smiles. You are taking care of his baby girl and grandsons. A lot of that credit that you give is in fact just your unselfish behavior. You are the reason we have a  strong marriage. You are the reason our 16 year old would not know how to have a job. He can't take the trash out without being told. Our boys have never wanted for anything. You have provided them with everything. Even though with that comment, many would think I am talking materialistic. I am not. I am referring to that fact that you have given our boys your love, your understanding. Your time and more importantly, you have given them yourself. Everything you do is for them or for me. That is your unselfish nature. You never ask for anything in return.

Instead of using all of the excuses that you most certainly could be in titled to. You chose to be the father you never had. The saying goes that all little girls want to marry a man like their daddy. I thank the lord everyday that I was able to marry just that man. At times you say a comment to the boys and I can hear it as if dad was standing there. But then, I will get that hint of Old Spice aftershave, and I know daddy was there. You are so like him except for one thing. "I love you" is three words that you tell your boys on a daily basis. Daddy waited until he was ready to get his angel wings and join momma before he told us that he loved us. It's ok though because we always knew. One other unselfish act that you have. You are aware of all those anniversary dates. You allow me to be moody. Regardless if it is a holiday or the dates of their deaths. It doesn't go unnoticed that I know, you hurt just as much as I do. Sometimes I feel guilty that I have acted selfish because I had them longer than you did.

For every reason you had growing up to turn out to be a bad person. You turned it around ten fold and made it positive. Your positivity to look to the future is so refreshing. Our boys are going to be wonderful men. I know this because I see their daddy in both of them.

                                         Happy Father's Day Honey!
                                                I love you and will until my last breathe...

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