Wednesday, July 18, 2012

20 Random Things...

As I was visiting my Texas Tuesday Link Up bloggers
I notice that Monica over at Blessed Mamma started doing the 
Thirty Things link up. Which is over now but, I thought it would still be fun to
answer some of the questions and maybe let you get to know me better.  

Check out Monica here...

1) huge Texan's football fan
2) addicted to Dr Pepper
3) "sahm" of two boys
4) multi media bi-polor.
I'm either all over it or don't want to look at it.
5) Facebook depresses me.
6) My feelings are easily hurt
7) I miss working and having the compradore of co-workers
8) I have fallen in love with Kickboxing
9) I love to fish, just to be alone with my thoughts
10) I love blogging and meeting new people
11) Charity is an important part of my inner peace
12) I often feel that I have a greater purpose
13) I know that God will lead me when the time is right
14) I could go days without leaving my house
15) I have recently learned that OCD is a form of depression
that when unresolved can be misdiagnosed.
16) I truly believe laughter is the best medicine
17) I am addicted to my heating pad
(can't fall asleep without the heat on my neck)
18) I wish I was better at spelling and grammar
19) however my lack of mistakes are not gonna keep me from blogging.
20) Texas Country Music is the best...

Well there you have it..


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