Thursday, July 19, 2012

Teen Birthday, Boobs and Vodka

Hey all...
So it's been a rainy day today
so I haven't done much,
such the life of a "sahm"

We have a teenage birthday party to attend tomorrow.
Oh yeah! (dripping with sarcasm) 
If I just so happen to have a flask of vodka in my purse,
and said vodka makes it into my Coke
 while attending teenage birthday party...

Would that make me a bad mom? 

Obviously, I will be able to enjoy the teenagers much better,
I might join in as we are going to some trampoline sky jumpy thingy...
*(note to self, wear sports bra)*
Actually, as I am typing this...
 visualizing myself jumping around
with teenagers, happy on a vodka buzz.
 Boobies safely nestled into sports bra.
*(note to self, ace bandage boobies over sports bra)*
After all,
 did I mention it was a
 birthday party for a 15 year old boy.
(gotta protect those babies, no saggy boobies)


 Now that I started out to wine,
 cry and complain,
 I think I have found a solution to my problem.
 So glad that y'all were part of my problem 
solving escapade.

Source: via GiGi on Pinterest

Have a Great Day Tomorrow...
I know I sure will!


  1. Haha! You are hilarious! I totally understand the teenage thing, so good luck with that ;-)

  2. LOL! Hope you had a good time bouncing around with your vodka!!


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