Monday, July 23, 2012

Go read this blog! Yes, Cuz I said so;

Do you scan blogs and never comment?
Do those blogs keep you coming back?
Do you catch yourself wanting to say to the person,
 I am sorry that people are stupid?

Well today I want to mention a blog...

Dysfunctional Dose
 A blog that I stumbled across and although I have never 
interacted with Nikki. And I don't have a special
needs child. She inspires me.
I could tell you why and what her story is but I think it is best
to have you click on her button and read her stories.

You know how you just know you would be friends with someone....
I am sure Nikki and I along with our love of Vodka 
would get along great!

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Thank you! Come join me Thursday for my teen drama "roast"! We'll both drink some vodka and call it a toast ;). Hey, I live in Texas..,where about r u at?? Send me a private message so some blogger killer doesn't try to steal your a**!
    Thanks for making my night!


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