Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I'm Just Floating Along

How one day can change your whole journey. 

As I was sitting and going over some finance planning for the boy's college and looking into the fact that within the next year we will be needing to buy the 16 year old a car. Of course that creates all the finance troubles within its self.  So somewhere in that fog of finances, I found myself enrolled in the Real Estate program at our local city college. The more I sat and thought of what I was going to do in the next couple weeks since the boys are back in school. I realized now is the time to get off my behind and get something going. So today is my first day and I can honestly say I am scared half to death. I did read the first three chapters in the book though, so now I have a rough estimate of what we will be discussing. Not to mention looking up some of those words I would of just scanned over and shrugged off years ago. Interesting how times change. Of course in the past, I would of  dug out a dictionary that were so big and bulky. Now I just reached for my phone and googled the word. WOW! It was so quick and easy. There really is no reason for a person to walk around not knowing what a word definition is. 

One thing that I have found very interesting. Who I told about my newest adventure. Not very many. I don't know why, its not like I am keeping it a secret but it has just not seemed like it is important enough for me to think I need to call everyone as say hey, I am going back to school. I could probably analyze and pick this apart but in all honesty. I really don't care to pick it apart. At least not now. I am just floating along. 

Do you ever get that way? Where you are constantly worrying about this person or that incident. Who and what this family member is doing or what I need to do for them. I have done this for years until just recently. Over the summer I decided that my worrying and stressing about things that I really don't have that much control  over. Is going to stop. So my newest reference is, I'm just floating along. If someone needs me or wants me to do something or help them. They will call and ask. Until then, I have enough things in my own riverbed to keep me busy. Not only with this new journey of school but my normal mother and wife duties. Not to mention blogging. I plan to keep you all along for the ride. In some ways y'all are my diary that can talk back. I like that.  Oh well I guess.... 

Until we meet again my loves...

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