Monday, October 8, 2012

Sending prayers...

We all ask for prayers. We all send up those silly little comments to the god we worship to help us for whatever the reason. We even go so far as to make promises that we won't do something if only...

Today is a little different. I am asking for you to pray for a little girl. One whom is fighting a fight. One that for 10 years has went without a diagnoses. Today, she is getting some tests ran to further find out what "thing" she really is fighting. This family has recently had a small breakthrough but needs even more answers. 

The unknown is harder to fight than even her siblings. Yes, this little girl has two older siblings. A tween and a teen. So let me tell ya, as the youngest of three she can fight with the best of them. 

Speaking of the siblings. Add a prayer for their strength also. As all of us know the difficult time teens and tweens have this day and age. Help them with strength for themselves as they are dealing with the day to day and the strength they need for their sister.

Strength, understanding, health. Energy, stamina and whatever else you would like to add in there for the parents of this wonderful family.  The mother has recently left the job force to join the ranks as a stay at home mom. As her adjustment period is still fresh, she has been struggling with an awful cold. I am sure it is due to the stress and worry that that she is going through. Just speculation on my part though. Not that the weather has been the greatest of course. 

So as we start the week and get busy with all the hustle and bustle. I ask that you take a deep breath. Say a little prayer for a very strong and blessed family. They have each other, but a little help from up above never hurts. 

Thank You,

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  1. This is a wonderful Idea, thank you for sharing this.


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