Monday, November 25, 2013

Second Chances....

Since my husband and I separated in Aug. I've had so many things happen to make me wonder if "love ever after" is truly a real thing. Don't get me wrong. My mom & dad were married for 45 years before they passed away. 
Being part of the "separated" scene I've watched how people play this game. It got sickening for me so much, I started looking back at my marriage and what went wrong. I got to analyzing this in the last two months that I approached my husband two weeks ago. 
I explained to him that I didn't like what we were doing to each other. The pain we were creating! Just to prove a point. I asked him if we could learn to trust each other. Can we forget the pain we created and focus on the fun times we've had. Can we create more fun in the future?
 He had been feeling the same way. Neither of us had stopped loving each other. So after 1 week of talking and communicating we have been very happy. It has been easy for me to fall back into my role of wife and mother. 
As I am laying here writing this, he has been rubbing my achy sore legs. I know of people that have overcame adversity in their marriage. I am hoping I can too. 
 To me, getting through the holidays and a kid having surgery without "J" by my side is unimaginable!!

Love hugs and vodka shots!

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