Monday, June 4, 2012

Sometimes frustration gets the better of me!


So I gotta kinda vent!
I have been working on my blog design...
Yes, I am doing it myself so it is not perfect but that
is where my OCD comes in and makes me mad because
I can't get it the way I want it but I have googled everything
I possibly can and still can not figure out how or what that
bar is that goes across the top of the blog right underneath 
the title header! You know the one that says stuff like...
Your love story, your kids, your work out schedule
 (or the lack of one)

Y'all know the bar I am talking about? I have tried
every gadget in the side bar. I've tried....
well everything I possibly can think of! 
I have no clue as to what it is actually called to even look it up!

But, on the bright side...
Until about 2 wks ago I didn't even know how to make
a button or design a page. Jeez I didn't even know there 
was freebie stuff out there and wonderful people that
do give great tutorials!

Well know that I have thrown my temper tantrum,
I think I am honestly going to take a nap now!

Maybe some kind sole will see this on twitter and know how to
tell me what to do or give me a link. I've done pretty good thus far.

Any corrective criticism is welcome! 

Oh.... and just for the record.
Yes, I threw a tantrum and taking a nap
and my PB&J was yummy for lunch....




  1. Oh!! It's called "Pages".

    Go to your Blogger dashboard and click where it says "Pages", which you can find on the left side, just under the "posts" option - save it what you want to call it (ie: "about me" or "family" etc).

    Then go into your Blogger template page (on the left side, towards the bottom of the tab options) and underneath where it has your header laid out, there should be space to put a gadget there and I forget how (maybe you can find it on Google knowing what it's called now) but it should let you simply put your "pages" bar there.

    Hope that helps!

  2. I'd say your blog is coming along pretty well for being relatively new to it all! I did mine all on my own too and sometimes the coding can be a pain but that's what Google and Twitter/Blogland are for, when you get stuck ;-)

  3. Thank You for the help!! I am going to try it now!


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