Tuesday, August 28, 2012

No more weekly spelling tests?

With the last minute shopping to get my boys ready to go back to school, I obviously didn't get close to opening my laptop. (I say this with sarcasm.) I haven't figured out why exactly but it seems on the days that I have to get up and go first thing, I just don't feel like looking at the computer  once I have get home.

Oh well, the boys started back yesterday. This is a day that I dread since they get out for the summer. I honestly love having them home with me. Even on the days they drive me crazy with fighting and arguing, it is better to have them than when the house is completely silent and no one is around. You would think I would get more work done when they are gone, but no! I tend to do better when they are home. Of course, the teen claims it is because I have him do everything. Oh, if he only had a clue.

As I am sitting, reflecting on the past week that I was unable to blog, I am also looking back at the last couple of years. I guess it is normal with the new school year starting and the boys are at the next grade level. It makes me sit and wonder about all the things that they have done already and all of the things that they are getting ready to experience. 

They are expected to do so much homework and are taking tests to make them more productive and better people. However, I feel like the schools are missing the point. There are so many levels that seem to be missing. Handwriting is horrible. Spelling is one other level that I feel is being swept under the rug. I suppose my biggest complaints for these two subjects is because they were subjects that I did not pay attention to and as an adult, I have been embarrassed by not knowing what I should know. 

As both boys are completely different in all of their school habits. These subjects are both hard for them. I blame their dad for the horrible hand writing but as far as the spelling. Well, that would be my fault but I also don't understand that the boys are in the 6th and 10th grade levels and neither of them have spelling tests weekly. We had them until I graduated. Unless my old mind is remembering that wrong. 

So that leads me to a question... Does your kids have weekly spelling tests?  What grade level do they stop? 

Thanks for all who can help me with this puzzling mind blocker...


  1. I do not have kids but I only remember weekly spelling going into middle school and never touched on it in high school. My mom always focused on spelling and made sure I knew how to spell. It's sad to see schools not focusing on such fundamentals. My mom basically taught me everything and I probably should have been home schooled. Good luck with your boys!

  2. My son just started 6th also. I do not believe he has spelling tests this year. Which explains why my 11th grader only knows text lingo!


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