Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Texas Tuesday

Texas Tuesday

Well y'all  all good things come to an end. Today is the last link up for Texas Tuesday.
The wonderful ladies are putting it on the back burner. Their youngin's are keeping them busy with
other life changes. New adventures have come their way. I am so excited for them both and look forward to reading the posts that will detail their new discoveries in life.

So what to blog about today?

 There are so many things in Texas.
 We have the gulf coast, and the miles and miles of West Texas. The trees of East Texas. 
The miles and miles of lakes. From Lake Sam Rayburn in the East to Falcon lake in 
South Texas/Mexico.  Lake Austin to Lake Fort Worth. Possum Kingdom to Livingston. 
We have some of the best.  

Yep those are the biggest and best also.
Houston is listed as the #1 shopping city by Forbes which I defiantly agree with. 
Plus in my opinion it is the best city in Texas! 
Of course that will bring you into a long time feud with Dallas! Everyone from Dallas tends to think they are better than Houston. It is a fun time. But like any good family. We can pick on each other, but lord help you if you pick on the State of Texas! 
We will back each other up! Just as the slogan goes, "Don't Mess With Texas" 
Also like every family, the State of Texas has the weird ones. We call them Austin!
You can even buy memorabilia that claims to "Keep Austin Weird"!
Like any family you always go to that one place to gather. We call that San Antonio.
It is the #1 tourist attraction in the U.S.A. and since it is in our own backdoor we tend to go visit also.

We have miles of that also. From the small towns of Gruene to Canton.
From El Paso to Texarkana. You can find small towns everywhere.
Some may be wet and some are dry. But we are all happy to be Texans!

So I guess I answered my own question.
Blog about the people and the whole state of Texas.
After all,
It is a whole other country!


  1. This is definitely my most favorite Texas Tuesday post to date!! Thanks for linking up every time!!

    Happy Texas Tuesday!

  2. I nominated you for the liebster award in today's blog. Check it out!


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