Monday, August 20, 2012

What people wear!

So heres the thing. We are at Reliant Stadium for the first preseason game for the Texans. Every game brings out the odd and strange, I am used to this. You always have the drunks and the people out to have a good time. I get that part. I was young and liked to have fun also, I just never did it to the point that I made a complete jackass out of myself.

To start off, why do people where jersey's of a team that is not playing in the game your are attending?
This is something that has puzzled me and I have never really had a good answer.

Also you have the people that wear a jersey of a quarterback that has not played for your team since 2006?

This guy comes up and sits in his seat with a jersey of a quarterback that has been to two other teams and currently at his third! I guess that wasn't as bad though. His wife/girlfriend is half lit by the time the game starts. After a few more beers she obviously was to drunk to see the field anymore so she pulls out her Victoria Secret's catalog (who carries that in their purse) and starts asking the man what he likes. Sometime in between all this, she must of stumbled somewhere because we notice her crawling up the stairs to her seat. Yes, I mean crawling and I am not making this chit up. She had black marks on her knees. Thankfully by halftime she passes out. I mean passes out! Head bobbing, mouth hanging open. Now mind you, she was on the end of the aisle. So every time someone would go up and down the stairs they would point out that she was passed out. The dude would just laugh. What are people thinking?

That doesn't even get close to the story that takes the cake.
We have aisle seats so we get a good view of people coming and going to the point it drives me crazy at times. Unfortunately the three that left me a little speechless... ok not speechless, I was all over twitter with this. A man and two girls come up and sit down right in front of teen and tween. First off you notice that Her 1 has a face full of metal piercings and eyebrows drawn across to her hairline! I would of thought it was a mistake. But hell, you can't screw up twice. It matched on each side. I gotta give her kudos for that. Hell I can't get my eyelashes drawn on right half the time. Not my fault God gave me one eye longer than the other. Oh yeah, not about me today! Ok so Her 1, metal in tow, eyebrows and all has on a purple halter top that shows her midriff and all the tattoos around her belly. So as they slide down the aisle to take their seat, I think: "Oh great, can this get worse" YEP! That answer came so quickly I was eating those words as fast as I could choke on them. Her 1 turns to sit, when she does her yoga pants slide halfway down her butt exposing her thong with the dangly gem in the middle. Which time teen decides to thankfully have morals and gag! Unfortunately, his gag was loud enough that I am sure she caught on. Oh well, you dress funny you should expect to get laughed at.

Moving on to Him. He seemed somewhat normal. At least by the way he dressed. The Her 2 was dressed in yoga pants and and tank top. Which I feel was a little indecent but hey! At least it was covered.

Instead of going into to much detail I thought I would just share with you what I tweeted and a friends comment! 

Is that not the funniest reply!

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